From the Bestival Bog.

As I type this I can hear Grace Jones, one of Rob da Bank, curator of Bestival’s, handpicked special guests. Earlier today The Specials were another unannounced act. Rumours abound that tomorrow will see Metallica play to the mud soaked crowds.

Today has been brighter for me. Yesterday saw myself, 4Talent Commissioning editor Catherine Bray and the rest of our ‘entourage’ pitch up in the wet, drizzly darkness. On account of my status as a ‘competition winner’ I was refused a press wristband which scared me into thinking I wouldn’t be able to access my potential interviewees! I felt a bit desolate to say the least, having travelled for many hours by car and catamaran to get to the Isle of Wight site, only to have my planned press status refused. However this morning, with the aid of ‘wet suit lubricant’, Catherine was able to slip her wristband off and wriggle it onto me.

With my renewed press ‘glow’ I get on reporting occasions such as these, I swam through the mud through to the backstage press area. My aim was to find some 4Talent friendly acts and I believed that Kitty,Daisy and Lewis, whom I had down as the equivalent of a rockabilly Waltons, fit that bill.

Along with parents Ingrid and Graham, KDL blasted out classic retro tunes such as ‘Goin’ up the Country’ and self penned tracks such as ‘Buggin’ Blues.’ Kitty and Daisy come onstage and sing unaccompanied with sweet female attitude and on finishing announce Dizzee Rascal style ‘Awrite, weeeir Kittee Day-zee an’ Lewisss.’ This certainly dispelled any former image I had of them. They expertly manouvre through a highly musical set.

Charismatic as they are onstage. offstage it seems that KDL do not favour interviews. Second up to the bat I wince as I hear the family trio complain about the previous interviewer from Bestival radio who apparently asked ‘stupid questions.’ I’d seen them ask him if the interview was going to be about music so this was the topic I decided to stick to. I tried to keep things upbeat and casual and soon you’ll be able to hear the results on the 4Talent magazine podcast…

Next I interviewed Anthony and Rich from XXteens. The guitarist and lead vocalist were good humoured and rather down to earth. From their colourful, explicit record artwork I was cetainly expecting a couple of Swedish beardos, however the two young Londoners weren’t filthy in the slightest

Lastly I managed to grab the ‘Two Sams’ of Castle Donnington’s Late of the Pier. I’d noticed, prior to Bestival that they took a high amount of interest in new music, however during the interview I was hit with a wave of fatigue and completely bypassed the topic. All four of the guys are extremely down to earth and also not very tall…I was expecting them to be six footers, I don’t know why….

Outside bits of coloured tape fly around as if Grace Jones as begun a ticket tape parade. Today the costumes have come into their own with a multitude of sailors and octopusses a plenty sticking to the ‘30,000 freaks under the sea’ dress code. Rob da Bank, who has made fleeting appearances in the backstage area has a pair of googles on his forehead, however this may be for practical reasons!

One of my highlights of the day so far has been the kazoo band passing through the main arena playing a Queen song with military precision despite the mud. The other, which is easily guessed if you know me, was watching the Mercury award nominated Laura Marling performing on the mainstage. As a member of the press I got to wander across the empty main arena as she and her drummer Marcus Mumford of Munford and Sons soundchecked. I think she surely deserves to win at tuesday’s award ceremony. Watch out for one of her newer songs, Rambling Man, its a good ‘un!

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