May I count on your vote?

Hey everyone,

As I’ve already posted today, I’m performing at the Jam House tonight at charity fundraiser for Birmingham’s Got Talent. If you can’t make it you can still make my day and donate money to charity by voting for me. To do this all you have to do is text  8 and 10.30 pm ‘talent b’ to 64343. The texts cost £1 with at least 60 pence of this going to Birmingham St. Mary’s Hospice. If I win I think I get a night out I’m not exactly sure, the prize isn’t too important to me, I’d just like to escape ‘nil point’ as the results are being displayed on a giant screen in the venue! There is potential embarrassment factor there, teamed with the fact that I don’t actually know if anyone is coming to watch me BUT… the main thing is to raise money for charity!


Frankie x

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