Returning to YouTube

I learnt to play guitar and ukulele in front of a You Tube audience, with mixed results to say the least!

From guitar-strap fetishists to German Razorlight fans, I used to demo fragments of new songs, and bash out the occasional catastrophic cover.

Doing covers helped me learn chords and generate ideas for songs of my own. Now I live on my own I can be a bit more spontaneous with playing and practicing. I still get nervous when I’m recording though – if I near the end of a song without a terrible, obvious mistake my pulse quickens; will I make it? Nine times out of ten it’s a no…

But here you go. My return to You Tube. I find it really hard to look at the camera and sing this one, particularly as my face screws up horrendously when I’m performing it.

Kal Lavelle: Gypsy Blood

I’ve been a big fan of Kal Lavelle since meeting her in 2008 so it’s lovely to see (and hear) her doing fantastically well.

Last time I spoke of her on this blog, it was to bring you her beautiful video for slow number Downstairs, and this time it’s to post another track from her Shivers EP, Gypsy Blood.

The video evokes memories of being a heartbroken ‘young adult’, combined with the fury that the agony is all your own. Maybe it’s a sign of getting older (I said to my friend that I was turning ’24 in six months’ before she said ‘But isn’t your birthday in December’? and I cuttingly realised that it’s actually 3 months before I am no longer a ‘mid-early-twenties’ person), but I now have the perspective of both sides of the couple in this video; the nonchalant, none-the-wiser man and the blabbing wreck of a woman self-destructing in her bedroom.

Oh, and the song’s brilliant too! This part of the world has a knack for turning out brilliant songwriters and performers (I’m omitting the customary female tag, because actually it’d probably be more unusual for me to be writing about a male solo performer these days and I hate seeing ‘female duo’ in Time Out magazine, whereas all-male groups are simply referred to as a ‘duo’ or ‘trio’ etc…).

Kal Lavelle’s Shivers EP is available on iTunes now.