Finding Danny Wallace

I’ve been back in Birmingham for over a week now and have been lagging on the blogging front due to Virgin Media not being very cooperative with the ole broadband…but now its here! It’s arrived!

BBC iPlayer here I come!
Last weekend I sampled the delights of ArtsFest in Brum, interviewed the Riptides and filmed works of art balanced on the eyes of needles. Or at least tried to!
Yesterday I interviewed Birmingham based legend, the photographer Steve Gerrard who created the first website to take me on, Birmingham Live! We talked about the site and what the new site will be like, the interview should hopefully be posted on CIB when the new site is up and running.
Right now I’m studying my empty diary, there’s not much to it currently! Couple of parties/uni events but not much in the way of interviews/work. It’s a shocker, but maybe downtime is good….downtime however, is not good when you’re in a house on your own with no housemates or anything constructive to do.
Perhaps I shall visit Sainsburys later…although that does involve spending money.
Oh the reason for the title of my piece is that I just finished reading Danny Wallace’s novel, Friends Like These. It was tres hilarious and now I want XFM work experience on Danny’s Saturday show, my reasoning is that as it is a saturday I could visit a show during term time, whereas I’m not sure when I’ll be able to take the Alex Zane work experience. Darn and darned it! No reply no far….

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