About Frankie Ward


I’m Frankie Ward and I do lots of things, like music, presenting, producing, writing, Touchcasting and overdosing on comedy.

Or at least, I try.

Whilst in Birmingham for Uni I entered the Brummie blogosphere, and got involved with Created in Birmingham, music festival Gigbeth, BBC Kent and more. I’ve worked for Channel 4 sites such as E4.com and 4music.com and I  still contribute to the 4talent blog. Before leaving Birmingham I also worked with the New Media dept. at Maverick TV.

In 2009 I became Station Manager of Burnfm.com and if you want to know more, there’s loads of tagged posts so check them out. I retired at the end of 2009 to let someone else on the ‘rollercoaster of fun’ and then began producing and presenting for  national DAB digital radio station, Amazing Radio.

Alongside the writing, radio-ing and general geekiness, in 2009 I started to write my own music and perform it with others under the monkier of Get Frank. I’d write early drafts of songs and  stick ’em straight onto Youtube, lest I forgot the tune before I recorded it. I also did a bit of gigging with The Union Choir and now I’m back to playing my own stuff.

Any questions (yes, ‘do you want a job?’ is a brilliant one!) or for clarifications email frankiepromotes@gmail.com or follow me on twitter. Please note that I’m no longer working for Amazing Radio, Channel 4 or Sky – I’m now at the BBC – but am happy to listen to music, provide feedback and write about the stuff that takes my fancy.

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