If you’d like more info, or are interested in involving me in something please get in touch!

I occasionally review in exchange for guest list in the London and am always interested in getting involved with various projects (not just in music either.) I like clothes too… and food!

Photo by Matt Lacey

Photo by Matt Lacey

I do occasionally write sponsored posts, but only if they’re relevant and something I feel is worth endorsing. I’m not going to put a ‘Play Bingo’ banner on my blog. I’m also not going to take free time out of my day to write promotional copy and arrange a competition because you’ve offered me tickets to giveaway…

If you have any questions about me, this blog or my music please email



  1. Adam · January 31, 2011

    Hey Frankie,

    I just saw your comment on the Guardian Live Q&A: Getting your frist job in Radio! Very envious of your experience and felt compelled to send you an email.

    I was lucky enough to be part of the BBC Blast Traineeship last year and saw you did the same in 2008. What an opportunity. Did you find it hard taking the next step after this? I’ve decided to skip Uni and opt for gaining the maximum amount of experience, but as much of the conversation in that Q&A proves, it’s not easy. Bad move do you think?

    Would be good to hear back,

    Adam Wells

  2. Frankie Ward · February 1, 2011

    Hi Adam,

    I went to uni for the experience and studied what I wanted – outside of this I did loads of experience at various places.

    My recommendation is you go your own way (via a personal blog about your own passion/area of expertise) and use this on your CV. Get out and about – once people see what you’re doing they’ll be more keen to see what you can do for them.

    Good luck!

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  4. Dan · June 27, 2013

    Hi Frankie, I saw you on the tube the other day and couldn’t help but notice your shoes and the colour you painted your toes nails; very fetching combination =)

  5. Michelle Obama · June 28, 2013

    Hi Frankie,
    Keep follwoing your dreams! I love your music. Whenever, me and my husband are on long car journeys with the girls, it’s the only thing that stops us killing each other- LOL!
    But seriously, you have a beautiful voice and I wish you a long and happy career!

  6. Frankie Ward · June 28, 2013

    Thankyou Michelle. Your toned arms are an inspiration.

  7. Frankie Ward · June 28, 2013

    Hi! You should say hi next time?

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