Changing status

When I was 18, the usual way of announcing to the world that you are suddenly single was to change your Facebook status.

Now, it’s far more acceptable to never publish any kind of status online (certainly preferable and less awkward in my opinion), but it does mean that now I have that strange reality of telling people – who should I tell, how do I make telling people when ‘how’s so-and-so’ comes up in discussion less embarassing for my co-conversers and should I mention this on Facebook, Twitter etc…

I don’t really know the answers to the above, but the kind of people who read my blog are probably more likely to ask than Twitter followers, Facebook friends and so on, so I thought I’d essentially break the news here and try and see if you’ll share your break-up experiences and tips. I’ve not been in this place for what must be a couple of years (having been single for over a year before meeting my latest ex).

These are the things I’ve thought of so far:


Suddenly you have your own routine to prioritise – I’m at my fittest when I’m solo.


I have some unsalted butter with ‘Radio Comedy cupcakes’ written all over it in the fridge. Although my ex was much better at making icing than me, I need to learn sometime.

Top the biscuit base with the chocolate mixture
Mmmm… chocolate


No more worrying about height, practicality, that slightly unsexy waddle from those ‘man-scaring’ snow lepoard boots etc…

Man-repellant shoes?
Man-repellant shoes?


I’ve heard many an appreciative uology on the unparalleled joys of an M&S cotton five-pack. Maybe it’s time I join the fan club.


The film, not actually lacking logic (although surely that’s acceptable for me in the next few weeks). Although I need John Hughes in my life too – does anyone have a copy of the Breakfast Club they can lend me?

FLEECY JOGGING BOTTOMS (and other comfort clothes)

I think my wearing these on Saturday whilst still attached was a bad idea. But now I’m looking forward to seeing them tonight. This is not as sad as it sounds – next time I swap them for something socially acceptable, I’ll have a whole of exercise behind me…

It's all about the comfort
It’s all about the comfort

I should finish by saying that this post is about me, not my relationship – something that can’t be replicated nor replaced by unflattering, comfy clothes and something I shall miss very much.

2 thoughts on “Changing status

  1. Being single is BRILLIANT. You can eat Doritos (or similar) for tea without shame, not shave your legs for 10 days in a row (any more and you will become feral), and do what ever you want whenever you bloody want to. Including smooching lots of hotties. Yes!

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