You are cordially invited…

Today there was a letter to me stuffed in my mailbox. It was my 4Talent awards invite! I’m very much looking forward to seeing Iain Woods again, especially after I missed his set at Gigbeth. What I really would like to do however, is do vox pop interviews on the red carpet so on my to do list is emailing the organisers. It’s like festivals- I won’t feel right unless I’m working. It’s not like I won!

Yesterday saw the screening of Bryony Makes a Zombie Movie on BBC Three. In my opinion the documentary did not show the full extent of the project. I guess its main focus was Bryony, aka Paperlilies and therefore it was never going to show much of the other contributors however I felt it took the mickey out of members of the forum with constant talk of ‘flame wars’ and the like. Rather than ask the members of the forum about arguments and such, Hat Trick instead spoke to some bloke from The Sun! Comments from the forum were read in silly accents and don’t even get me started on the voiceover guy….

I, thankfully, was spared ridicule, but at the end of the film a few people were thanked in the credits…about five people. Many people from the forums as well as myself and the other actors made films and allowed ourselves to be filmed for the documentary. We signed release forums, filmed video blogs to deadlines and took up time to help Hat Trick get a bigger picture (that they chose, in the final documentary) to ignore. I felt that certainly more people deserved credit than was given. At the end of the film also there is the impression that the film will carry on being made. Currently on the forums it seems this is not the case, hence my ‘public facebook status disappointment.’

Basically everyone I met on set, particularly Bryony, were lovely and it seems a shame that things won’t be the same now.