The bar of geniuses and a new band

I have discovered Genius Bar for mac!

If any of you aren’t aquainted with this handy tool for itunes on Macs yet then make sure you have the latest version of itunes then click ‘genius’ in the left navigation bar. It will contact the itunes store and then after a minute or two you’ll be able to click the neutron kind of Genius bar logo on the bottom of the itunes window. To make it work select a song you really feel in the mood for on your itunes and when that is highlighted blue, click the ole neutron sign. Then Itunes will make you a nice playlist to go with that song.

So far I’ve tried it with similar songs, so the same artists keep appearing. Currently Genius bar ADORES Guillemots love song no.43, anything by Iron and Wine and/or Regina Spektor. I selected Braille by Regina Spektor this evening and got some nice stuff including Broken Social Scene, Sufjan Stevens and Minus the Bear

Today I found a band to play bass with which will be nice. I’m not the best bassist in Birmingham so I’m not sure if this band know what they’ve let themselves in for…I’ll um…improvise! The band are called Pyschonaut and kind of reminded me of Death from Above 1979 and My Bloody Valentine. They’ve got a couple of gigs lined up, including one in January and one at the Actress and Bishop in february so I might even get to play a gig!!!

Frank. x