From one farm to another

Earlier this month I headed over to a field in Bromley to have a short ‘relaxing’ mini break…

… well, not so much relaxing, but certainly a holiday of the festival variety! 

It was on this holiday (otherwise known as Leefest 2012), that I met the lovely lads of Devon’s Farmfest:


On the last night of Leefest, we somehow ended up meeting the guys from Farmfest and managed to blag a lift in their van. At just £40 for the weekend ticket (for the festival, not the ride!) it’s quite the bargain – and it’s also the over the opening weekend of the Olympics so it’ll get you out of the capital if you’re a Londoner like me!

Johnny Langer of Man Like Me hangs from the Leefest stage

The guys have gone for a line-up packed with brilliant live acts. You won’t get Rihanna – but if that’s what you’re after you probably went to Wireless festival. Particularly noteworthy on this roster of artists are Tall Ships and Man Like Me – the latter were a definite highlight at Leefest in both 2011 and 2012.

Unfortunately I can’t go to the festival because I’ll be in the Opening Ceremony (yes, the blasted Olympics again!), but I will be heading to the Farmfest 2012 Launch Party this Wednesday (18th July) at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. It’s going to be wicked, not just because I’ll get to at least experience a slice of the Farmfest action, but also because it’s one of the three dates being played by The Boy Least Likely To as they dip their toes back into the music scene post-extended break. They’ll be supported by Dan Leno and My Tiger My Timing, who I was a big fan of when I worked at Amazing Radio.

In other words, I’ll be there.

Also, how cool are these T-shirts?