The victoria sponge to my brewing leaves…

Heres the new song I’ve put on my soundcloud

I recorded it yesterday/this morning with lots of precussion and boundless enthusiansm….which quickly waned as I did take after take on the keyboard (I’m a rubbish player.) A lot of the other tracks/instruments were thankfully done in one take. It’s another rough realisation but one day it would be great to get some proper recordings, particularly of tracks that sound entirely different live.
The song is called Leaves and Crumbs and is based on a cartoon that Alex has that says ‘You are the victoria sponge to my tea.’ He had a rough script that has yet to be filmed which says that ‘tea is cake’s love.’ After I put up a video about 5 mins after writing it someone on youtube said it sounds a bit like a nursery rhyme and needs more depth but to me this song is allowed to sound like a nursery rhyme. In a way its a metaphor about growing old with someone and hoping that they will love you despite the aging process – which is a simple thing. (I think anyway…)
Feel free to download and pass on if you wish.
On tuesday I’ll be playing at the Bulls Head at an event called Bazaar (part of Mosely Festival.) I’m not sure when I’m on but possibly near the end so hope to see you there.

Christmas numero uno.

There’s one thing about christmas that has certainly lost it’s magic…

With the annual predictability of the number one made complete by ITV talent shows there is no excitement in that once all important battle for the xmas top spot.

This year Alexandra Burke, winner of the 2008 X Factor has broken records and shot to number one with her cover of Lenoard Cohen’s Hallelujah (+ Gospel Choir arrangement.)

The issue with Hallelujah is that the X Factor version is just a big fat showboat for it’s performer. Alex has an incredibly powerful voice for her 20 years but clearly has little life experience with which to fuel the emotion of the song. Hallelujah is not the song of a joyful winner and this is why I believe her version doesn’t work.

The production of the track is far too clean and detached: Karaoke with better backing vocals. The backing was not rerecorded for each X Factor finalist which means that any hope of ‘style’ that the acts might have cultivated for themselves would be buried beneath a non negociable tempo.

The ITV talent show has taken away the necessity of Xmas TOTP. How long before it removes the necessity for the Xmas chart full stop?

Frank. x

P.s- as I have been talking charts…

Got to no. 16 on the most watched uk musician youtube chart (day)


So far am no.67 on the most watched uk muso chart (this week)