By the Book

I’ve totally rinsed BBC Iplayer recently (no suprises there!) Really I should have been reading whilst indisposed in bed but I tended to just fish my way through the deepest, darkest corners of the weekly iplayer archive.

Today I’m having a go with BBC Four’s The Book Quiz and yes, it has totally washed over me. Kirsty Wark is a greatly factual presenter who often comes out with some great quips. Like Paxman with good dress sense and a pleasant demeanour. However, it just feels like University Challenge! (They even have a gong.)

I used to read all the time but the quiz makes me feel quite naive and silly foolish. There just isn’t a great deal of humour; infact It’s taken very seriously. As a first time viewer I’m not overly familiar with the ways the rounds work and perhaps that is why…..

….however asked for the seven titles written by the Bronte sisters and one of the contestants missed out Agnes Grey! (as well as two Charlotte Bronte titles.) Suddenly I feel a bit better,

Also today I walked down my road to the studio at 8.30am with a piece of toast in hand.

I haven’t been able to eat/walk properly for days! Now I’m doing both at the same time! Result!

Frank x

Oh and I wrote a new song for the first time in ages. It’s called Just Like Jenny. It’s not like most of my older stuff so it’s kind of odd to watch/listen/play personally. Should be popping to an open mic night in selly tomorrow.