Brighton Rocks

I took a day off on friday and headed off to the Sussex coast with a friend for fish, chips and a bit of fashion!

It’s been ages since I’ve properly rummaged through the racks of vintage shops, but think I’ve got the bug again after my Friday finds!


I picked up these shoes for an amazing £8 from the antiques/vintage bazaar place in the Lanes (anyone who’s been to Brighton will know the place). They’re by Bruno Magli and really beautifully made. I fell in love with them in the shop but I’m a bit worried I might have fallen in love and ignored the fact that they’re a tad too small for me! The mock croc handbag caught my eye because of the unusual bow clasp. Up close it looks less animal print and more like wood!?


Next, it was off to the Brighton Beyond Retro store where I picked up the maxi skirt and high waisted trousers in the photos above (teamed with a H&M blazer and Forever 21 necklace and lace top). The skirt is a heavy rayon material and moves dramatically when I walk (who doesn’t love a swishy entrance?) The trousers are from a Canadian label and I think are most likely to be from the late sixties/early seventies – I’m not an expert so opinions greatly appreciated here!

After we dropped off my latest wardrobe additions, we headed off to the Brighton Pier arcade. I used to love arcades – and still do – but the owners need to fix their machines or stick around to issue refunds when they swallow money for no return. Being frustratingly determined sometimes I was determined to get the claw to work. But claws are corrupt, shit things aren’t they? Luring you in, getting you excited when you  perfectly manoeuvre the thing over the head of some cheap cuddly toy and then making you cry out with frustration when the thing opens up as it ascends again. And don’t get me started on the dance machines (one took money and gave no credit, the other had broken panels). The driving machines weren’t much better.

Luckily, Brighton has so much to offer that it needn’t rely on amusement arcades like other, more tired seaside destinations, but I’d still like to return in the Summer and emerge, victorious, with a crappy stuffed bear…

Where’s your favourite place to uncover hidden treasures? And is Brighton safe from the fate of other British coastal resorts?