Stories Beat Stuff 3 UK

Tourism New Zealand are continuing their Stories Beat Stuff campaign with a brand new competition for a lucky so-and-so to win the trip of a lifetime to New Zealand with three jammy mates.

I first wrote about entering the competition earlier this year, but sadly my entry didn’t make an impact – I guess my time isn’t worth a $20k trip! Well this time the stakes are higher with a trip worth $30k. Understandably, I’m stepping things up a gear!

As with last time, there are two different packages; Culture Kaboom and City Splendour.

Culture Kaboom is catchily titled due to its focus New Zealand’s volcanic heritage. It’ll be an unforgettable experience packed with trips to hot mud pools and homage to Maori culture.

The package I’m competing for, City Splendour, is all about exploring New Zealand’s largest cities, Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland; modern settlements juxtaposed next to beautiful landscapes and the native wildlife. Here’s a teaser campaign video:

If you want to have a go at entering the latest competition, it’s really simple. All you’ve got to do is submit a video or a photo of what you would trade for a trip to New Zealand – making sure it’s a real object and then share your entry round via Facebook/ Google+/ Twitter to get as many votes as possible. Obviously, it’d be lovely if you could vote for me too!

Here’s my video entry:

I decided to trade the something from one of one of my most unforgettable experiences for a new one; my costume from the Olympics Opening Ceremony 2012 for a trip to the other side of the world. I rehearsed for four months, giving up 200 hours for free, so hopefully I can trade in this for the experience of a lifetime! I’m desperate to get out of the country for the first time in over six years and really start to discover the world – with its laid back nature, reputation for extreme activities such as bungee jumping and its beautiful, unexplored environment, I can’t think of a better place to start…

To get involved, visit the Stories Beat Stuff Facebook Page. You don’t even have to trade to have a chance of make it to the other side of the world as a second prize of two flights to NZ will be awarded at random to one of the people who voted for the entries. It really couldn’t be easier.

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Stories Beat Stuff UK

Even though I’ve not had a telly, it’s been hard for me to miss the recent vibrant campaigns from Tourism New Zealand.

Arguably, New Zealand is one of those dream destinations – a place that most would go to, but most would also see as beyond their reach or means. Tourism New Zealand often run competitions on their Facebook page – a recent one asking users to ‘match the emotion’ to a series of images from the country. Needless to say, I hit the ‘like’ button before you could say ‘Lord of the Rings’.

The latest campaign from Tourism New Zealand requires a bit more effort than the aforementioned example. Stories Beat Stuff is a competition that requires would-be adventurers to submit an image or video depicting what they’d trade for a trip of a lifetime in New Zealand. (See the rather enthusiastic example below for inspiration!) It’s all about the memories and the tales you’ll be able to tell into your old age.

Up for grabs are two experiences; Summer Rhythm will see a lucky winner and their friend/lover/relative (the choice is entirely theirs!) whisked over to NZ for two weeks. There, they’ll road trip it across the coast line and end things at the three-day Rhythm and Vines festival – and because it’s the other side of the world, it’ll be summer too – so you can camp without fear of chilling your toes off! The other experiences is being touted as ‘Beaches and Boats’, a luxury, sand and sun soaked January break packed with opportunities to sunbathe, swim with dolphins and party ’til dawn.

For more details about the competition, click here.

Having not had a holiday for over five years now, I’m intending on going all-out on the campaign trail to win the Summer Rhythm package. I had a big, long think about what I would trade – and what is most precious to me (shoes, guitar, computer and my recent discount IKEA sofa all came to mind!). Eventually I made the following video:

Basically one of the reasons I’ve not been on holiday is, aside from a financial issue, a big time thing. I’ve moved around the country, worked in three different offices in the last year and had more housemates than I can name (probably). I guess I’ve had work-related blinkers on, seeing it as a necessary route to survival and have hardly had time for anything – or anyone. The opportunity to spend two incredible weeks, packing more adventure than ever before, is hard to resist! The fact I’d get to spend it with a friend makes it even more special.

So that’s what I’d give… my time!

Ok, ok! I know what you’re thinking – you’d give your time for the holiday! You’d work… on the holiday? Well potentially, yes. I could be an ambassador for Britain or Tourism New Zealand, representing the Tourism New Zealand website  (which is a-may-zing by the way… check out the flickbook-style podcards as you scroll down the page). I’d also give up my time over here, working for charity or doing as requested – I’ll even put it in the hands of people who comment on my video entry, or Twitter or even this blog post.

The competition is open now and closes on the 31st – but don’t worry, the campaign will be running for the next 12 months and they’ll be plenty more opportunities to win over on the Tourism New Zealand Facebook page.

So will you be entering? Or have you got an idea for what I should give up my time to do? Let me know, as always, below…

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