Radio 1’s Comedy Christmas

Here are four of the videos from Radio Comedy’s specials for Radio 1 in a handy Youtube playlist so you can watch in one go.

They feature Nick Helm serenading an audience member called Dexter, a beatboxer called Hobbit doing the ‘laughbox’, Doc Brown rapping about honest flirting and Roisin Conaty, Lloyd Langford, James Acaster and Sara Pascoe explaining their New Year’s resolutions.


Nick Helm’s Christmas Spectacular

Here’s the first of a festival handful of videos I’ve produced to accompany the Radio 1’s Christmas Comedy specials broadcasting on the 26th, 27th December and 2nd, 3rd January.

Obviously, as someone who’s most memorable moments for listening to Radio pretty much all come from listening to Radio 1 in my bedroom, taping the songs I wanted from the Official Chart Show, this is quite a big moment for me – despite being insignificant to the rest of the world. And anyone who has followed my blog or been friends with me for a while, will probably understand this even more!

As well as this video, they’ll be another of Nick Helm performing a song about Boxing Day, plus videos from Dong Comedy, featuring the-scary-one-that-didn’t-die-in-Hunted, Doc Brown (aka the ridiculously multi-talented musician, actor and comedian Ben Smith) and Roisin Conaty: What If?, also featuring Lloyd Langford, Sara Pascoe and James Acaster. I’ll be tweeting when this content is live, so follow me for updates if you’re not already doing so (thanks)!

Find out more about the shows on the Radio 1 website.