Surfin’ USA


Popped to hospital yesterday and it turns out my illness from three weeks ago was a chest infection and it has now spread to my kidneys. But its okay as I now have antibiotics! I couldn’t get any yesterday as there wasn’t a pharmacy open near me and walking about 50 yards would cause me to retch. Hmmm.

ANYWAY after that pleasant explanation of what must seem like lazyness/obsessive moaning…

I checked out Nylon magazine‘s site this morning as I wanted to see examples of Peaches Geldof’s work (yes I clearly am obsessing here!) and checked out their blog which directed me to this interesting site

300 Colours is a project which involves the artist who I believe to be called Alex, writing different sorts of love letters to various people such as friends, family, lovers, strangers and anybody. It’s visually great. The main page is filled with small coloured squares. The colours show who the letters were written too and also provide a kind of colour code…

Well I found it cool!


Disappear Here…?

So apparently Peaches Geldof’s bratty behaviour and disrespectful attitude to producer picked staff on MTV documentary ‘Peaches- Disappear Here’ proved that there is no justice.

Apparently because she is ‘only 19’ she is perfectly fine to act this way.

I am 19. I work (usually for free,) and would never dream of acting the way Miss Geldof does.

Never mind eh?


IZM screening tonight



Does Peaches even have a blog?