New stuff from Radio Comedy

I’ve been hauling cameras around for the past months doing various bits in the name of BBC Radio Comedy.

Not all of the results are on Youtube. But here’s the ones that are:

This is from The Guns of Adam Riches, which is on Radio 4 for the next three Thursdays at 11pm. Adam won the Edinburgh Festival Comedy Award in 2011 and has since made various appearances on BBC Three shows, usually in some crazy guise.

For this video, he brought audience member Mark onstage and worked his magic – Adam is amazing at making feel comfortable, no matter what he’s asking them to do. Plus, and I know I say this a lot, but he’s a lovely person too – as are his fellow very talented cast members Cariad Lloyd (sadly not in the film) and Jim Johnson.

Not too long ago I found myself in front of the camera, rather than in my usual spot behind it, to film an interview with Tom Binns’ spiritual medium character, Ian D Montfort. Sadly we couldn’t include everything we shot, but it’s really rather fortunate thing as I was rendered helpless with giggles frequently.

The show is produced by the brilliant Julia McKenzie and it’s one of those things you listen to and wonder how it was done. So go and listen to it and wonder how it was done. Because I’m not telling you. (Sorry!)

Episode 1 is available on iPlayer Radio now. Episode 2 goes out at 21:30 on Radio 2 this Thursday.

BBC New Comedy Award 2012 hits Birmingham

Tonight I’m returning to Birmingham for the next heat of the BBC New Comedy Award 2012.

We’ll be at the Glee Club from 7.30pm with ten more comics looking to earn themselves a place in one of our semi-finals.

So far the standard has been ridiculously high and I’ve had great fun meeting everyone and filming the shows. Here’s the films I’ve produced so far:

I’ve got to run and catch a train very shortly, but I hope to see some of you there. We’re also heading to Cardiff, London and Brighton on our first round tour – tickets for these shows as well as tonight’s Brummie barrel o’laughs can be found here.

Find out more information about the BBC New Comedy Award here.