New Let’s Buy Happiness single alert!

I’ve been waiting for Newcastle’s Let’s Buy Happiness to release their debut LP for about  two years now.

However, I think us fans have done our time now and so do the band, if the online debut of the album’s first single is anything to go by.

Here it is – Run.

I’ve heard this live a few times and it’s always gorgeous, but they’ve clearly made the most of being in a studio. Give it a play and feel those sublime waves of guitar ambience and vocals wash over you… and, when you think it couldn’t get any better, four minutes in a divine build in the music, with extra crunch from the guitar takes things even further.


This was released today…

…it’s the latest single from Newcastle’s Let’s Buy Happiness, Works Better On Paper

Having had a slight makeover since I first heard the track (it used to be a tad faster with less of the ambience heard on this recording), it’s a lovely example of how strong the band’s original material is (as well as great new tracks Dumb Girls and Crooks), plus a welcome return to the tantalisingly slow, drawn out, spectral sounds of Six Wolves’ B-side Wood Rings and classic track Devil Show.

It’s out now and it’s only 79 pence. Find out more here.

Easy on the eye

Today I left Newcastle and arrived back at my mum’s house in Maidstone before I start my new job on Tuesday.

A wave of nostalgia hit me not long after arriving back in my old Kent bedroom when I noticed that the long-awaited music video for Grandfather Birds‘ single Higher Bridges had been released online. (Regular readers of this blog may recognise the frontman as my Tynemouth tour guide/occasional kitchen helper, Matt).

Guitarist Stu told me that the single, which comes out at the beginning of May, was recorded under the bridges of Newcastle after a suggestion from Little Comets member Micky Coles (who also produced the single). According to Stu the single was “mainly just an experiment in the dead of night, rubbing the landlord of [Ouseburne Valley pub] The Ship up the wrong way!

“We did have a couple of police cars drive past as we were recording my guitar parts under the High Level Bridge [in Newcastle] and we basically hit the dirt and hid. The last session we did was under the bridge next to the railway station and people came out of the Northern Rail Offices to see what we were doing, telling us to come and ‘do it during the day’ as they were all ‘really bored’!”

The music video for Higher Bridges was masterminded by Stu and local camera man Paul Alton, who has recently demonstrated his philantropic side by organising a series of gigs to raise funds for the Red Cross’ Japanese Tsunami appeal. Continuing the trend created during the recording of the single itself, the video was filmed in the ‘dead of night’ and showcases some of the locations where the band recorded the track.

Grandfather Birds are going on a Northern tour to promote the single after a launch gig with Let’s Buy Happiness and Baskin’s Wish on the 3rd of May at the Bridge Hotel in Newcastle. You can find out a full list of dates by heading to their website and clicking on the handy ‘gigs’ link.