Open mic-ing

Student life, it seems, is no longer about getting drunk, staying up all night chatting or going out on a whim.

As the christmas season approaches, so do deadlines and currently no one seems to be doing much socially which I feel is a shame as my dying kidney is back to happy and I can’t properly celebrate.

So today I’m off out to open mic at The Soak in Selly Oak as I’ve got nothing better to do (except um…work) and I’m going to play and probably leave…or stay depending on who is there.

The thing about open mic in The Soak is that only a few people are there for the event itself, everyone else is boozing, snooker-ing or gathered around the large screen watching some type of sport. Some will find this offputting, others will like that not everyone is examining them. I’m in between the two as on the couple of times I’ve played there before, I’ve been unable to hear myself playing and as a nervous newbie to the bussiness of gigging etc… I can’t even hear my own mistakes. This causes me to panic and make even more errors- so I act self-deprecating and laugh it off. No one will ever take me seriously until I do myself I suppose.

Tonight I’m going to play a couple of covers and a few of my own. I usually play originals but if you open with a cover people seem to settle a bit more. Their ears prick up because they’re trying to work out ‘what is that familiar-but not so similar tune.’ The eureka moment when they realise could lose their attention or retain it for longer, depending on the listener.

Will post a ‘set list’ and some you tube videos later…