Nichole de Carle: Undercover Luxury

A couple of weeks ago I became very popular with a number of my male friends.

The reason for this sudden interest was not, as you’d expect, due to my general fabulousness (shock, horror!), but because I’d been invited to the press launch for the new collection from top lingerie designer Nichole de Carle.

'Westminster' bra, brief and braces

Nichole’s high-concept, beautifully constructed designs caught my attention when I first saw them featured by Queen Michelle on the Kingdom of Style blog. Featuring braces, curves and bold cuts, the underwear seemed to achieve something in lingerie that I’d not come across before; stunning, daring underwear that felt feminine in its complexity rather than fetishist.

The past twelve months have been incredibly exciting for the label and the future is looking even brighter. The designs have appeared on many a famous figure, including Nicole Scherzinger and the girls from The Saturdays, and on the day I visited the pop up store at The Lingerie Collective, one basque was being borrowed for a shoot for an international superstar – I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say who, but rack your brains and you might be able to guess, the label is a perfect match for her.

Emily of Nichole de Carle teams her Westminster braces with simple daywear for a quirky edge

Nichole’s also become a familiar face on British television, having had her work featured on the E4 shows Great British Hairdresser and the recent Dirty Sexy Things. Her sister, the lovely Charlotte de Carle (and arguably the breakout female star of the latter show), serves of the face of the brand. Nichole is now  venturing overseas and will soon be featured on the Dutch version of Great British Hairdresser and Russia’s Next Top Model.

Charlotte wears the Chateau Villette

The label gained favourable press attention earlier this year after it was featured in a list of Selfridges’ must-have Christmas gifts for 2011. The product that hit the headlines back in July is  The Diamond Brief Collection; several different shapes of knickers featuring a Coster-produced ‘Brilliant Cut’ diamond set in sold sterling silver by Salima Hughes Jewellery.

The Diamond Brief

The party invite I received to celebrate the launch of the latest luxury Nichole de Carle pieces took place on the eve of London Fashion Week at The Lingerie Collective in central London. Feeling I should embrace my feminine side in celebration of the brand, I donned a pencil skirt and abandoned my usual massive choice of bag for a vintage market find, my lucky housemate Simen in tow.

Going Underground: Skirt by Zara, top by Forever 21

The party itself was packed full of fashiony types (that I always feel slightly hopeless around!) Lucky there Jude’s Icecream and amazing Iceberg Vodka to keep my confidence crisis underwraps and my focus elsewhere! It was also brilliant to catch up with Charlotte, having produced the E4 site for Dirty Sexy Things and to meet brilliant bloggers and photographers such as the stunning Emily of Fashion Politics and the very talented Poppie Ellis Clinch (whose portfolio is truly stunning).

It’s enough to make me want to compete on The Apprentice and get a high powered job… be still my empty underwear drawer!