Must-hear viewing

“Must-hear you say? But these are videos I see below…”

Yes that is indeed correct, but they’re music videos so I hope you watch them to hear them… if that makes sense? Basically they’re videos that if you haven’t seen, you should, and if you have I heartily salute you with my well-bitten fingernails.

Firstly I present to you the wonderful Leeds-based solo artist James Owen Fender. I truly love this artist: Awesome voice, sensational tunes. Also check out his video for former single The Cloud.

Next, here’s lovely songwriter Martin Longstaff, performing live for Amazing Radio as The Lake Poets. This was recorded exclusively for the station at Newcastle’s Blank Studios. I wrote an article recently predicting big things for The Lake Poets in 2011, and Martin will be a guest on my Amazing Folk Roots Show this Sunday from 7pm.

Now I’ve been meaning to post this next video for far too long. It’s Newcastle four piece Grandfather Birds recording in The Amazing Sessions for Amazing Radio. This video was created by the lovely Paul Alton, who often attends local gigs armed with a video camera. (The song’s pretty sensational too).

I wasn’t too big a fan of previous effort Ungrateful, but I have a huge soft spot for this number, Hunger, by Wichita label act Frankie & the Heartstrings. It’s a fantastic video starring Robert Popper of BBC comedy Look Around You and features a particularly fine performance from keyboardist/guitarist/all-round-legend Mick Ross.

Finally I’m not sure if this is an official video. but we’re loving Kyla La Grange at Amazing Towers right now. Her voice might be too sugary for some, but this song, Walk Through Walls, is epic.

So what do you think? Any new acts I should check out?

Amazing Movie Making

I’ve been attempting to create some video content for Amazing Radio‘s You Tube channel recently.

We’ve recently become You Tube partners which I’m really excited about (my old channel isn’t, but it was always an aim). I announced upon my arrival at Amazing Towers in June that You Tube partnership was always a plan and in the end they approached us, which was nice!

Now we just need to start getting content, and finding an audience for it! I’ve started by making a simply Q & A video with Kyle Wilkinson, who I produce every week day on The Afternoon Show.

We might do more videos like this so if you have any questions for me (as the presenter of Amazing Folk Roots), for Kyle or for any of our presenters then feel free to ask away!

u r a little fat…

I’m on my way to 80 subscribers on my you tube channel which is a bit of a daymaker. I posted one of my original songs in response to a video of Diana Vickers of the X Factor (who is seriously popular on youtube it seems!) and am getting more hits than ever on one of my original songs.

I can take negative criticism. Some people are on youtube just for the purpose of spreading the hate however today I recieved a comment on my new video in the made over Burnfm studio. It was someone Greek. They said ‘you are a little fat.’ …I was a bit taken aback by this. Fat? You could only see my face and a little bit of my shoulders in the video…including a hint of collarbone. Perhaps I have a fat chin, but I am not fat, and even if I was, my video was nothing to do with weight or appearance.

This is what I don’t understand about youtube. Some of the people are utter fools, and some are lovely. Why try and knock someone’s confidence however? I’ve also been called irritating ‘because I talk too much and really need to find something I can be good at in life’ and ‘nothing special.’ This however, is usually from people with far less subscribers than myself! haha!