Especially for you…

Today I was meant to see my friend and overdose on chocolate…however I got a text asking me if I could do an interview with Jason Donovan….how could I refuse?!

The Dartford festival is obviously near the Dartford tunnel, just outside of London. It’s actually quite a nice town with a nice park which provided todays venue. The lineup consisted of tribute acts…with Donovan the headliner. I suppose they could have got a tribute act for him as well but it was nice to have the real thing I’m sure!
There wasn’t really an easy way for me to get to Dartford from Maidstone but luckily my mum was going to Bluewater so I tagged along for two hours going from sale to sale and then headed to the park. Jason arrived around five so we waited over half an hour (mum came too!) and then met him. We were joined part way during the interview by a young lady from the local paper, which to be honest, was great because she wanted to know the same stuff as me so I asked my questions and she asked the ones I forgot to ask! I kept the interview pretty low key but did broach the subject of the cancelled soap Donovan starred in, Echo Beach. It’s sister comedy show Moving Wallpaper has been recommissioned but he will not be starring. However, if he was affected by this question he did not show it and was graceful with his answer… he feels its a pity but he’s got his new record deal now etc etc.
He also spoke of the album saying it will consist mostly of 50/60’s covers (ballad style.) He and a friend brought a guitar along to the show with him which made his entrance all the more exciting!
After the interview we went outside in the sun to get a photo, however so many people started taking photos that Jason got a bit flustered and soon ducked back into his tent. My mother on the other hand got excited about the presence of comedian Joe Pasquale who was really rather pleasant and agreed to let her take a photo! He had also said hi to me when he entered the drinks marquee, rare for someone with any sort of celebrity status, (he’s in the Dartford panto at the end of the year.)
So tomorrow I’ll overdose on chocolate! And on Monday its off to BBC Kent to try and blag a position as an unpaid BA (broadcast assistant) as well as my Blast Position. (I’m gonna keep asking…might as well, Blast is only two days a week…I want four!!!)
Until next time

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