Mental pacing…

…back and forth in my head!

Still waiting to find out If I’m staying as the myspace dj for a second week. It’s been hard so far as I’ve been faced with comments from people ‘missing joe’ and wanting him back. However he was voted off, it’s not my fault (yet people want answers and unsatisfied, they think I am the cause.)
Some people have been really nice however. When people have said less than favourable things I decided to tackle the situation by directly messaging them and asking them how I can improve/ what they don’t like. This has actually had a positive response. It’s quite scary facing up to people who don’t like you! I always get nervous opening their replies but it seems bravado on the myspace page does not carry over into personal messages. This is nice. This is good.
Joe, the former co host, lasted for 6 weeks. I’ve listened to the first half of his first show and I have to say that mine is certainly not worse. Both are funny (yes I thought my show was funny. Possibly because I have the memories of being there, so maybe it wasn’t, I dunno.) I just hope that people listen and actually think, ‘Well I miss Joe, but she deserves to stay.’ because voting me off won’t bring him back.
He had 6 weeks to get better and better, I’d just like another shot, see if people warm to me you know???
Wednesday sees my first 4talent assignment, an interview with Sunday Best/ Bestival creator Rob Da Bank. I’m not sure what to expect but i’m going to be supervised as I record so its scary stuff. Got to do my research on this one!

2 thoughts on “Mental pacing…

  1. I enjoyed the show and reckon you can be proud of yourself – it can’t be easy stepping into something like that. Even if you don’t get on again (and fingers crossed you do), at least you can say you’ve done it.

    And from what I hear Rob Da Bank’s a lovely chap. If it’s of any use, here’s an interview a friend of mine did with him recently –

  2. oh I didn’t know Rob da Bank was responsible for Bestival, that’s interesting. I know him from The Blue Room on Radio 1. He has really eclectic taste so should be interesting to interview.

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