From the theatre lab…

Today in lab we worked on dreams. I lie back and say ‘ahhh’ when tors, also lying says ‘oooh’ and then lucy starts stratching in her sleep and I say “Lucy you’re alseep” except shes not asleep. Shes pretending to scratch the floor in her pretend sleep. We cough up our hearts and we throw them away. I sit and stare at an audience member who doesn’t exist yet and say “You have his eyes.” They don’t know who he is. A string represents a washing line and on it we hang paper, like dirty laundry drying in a back garden.

I bought silly string and guns after rehearsal. I might spray the paper in next rehearsal.

“She sat like patience on a monument, smiling at grief. Was this not love indeed? No; it was false advertising.”

I’m keeping a record of rehearsals for drama. We have to devise a piece of contemporary theatre for a module called Theatre Lab. I’ve been influenced by Forced Entertainment for a while so I’m up for the challenge, despite it being a large one.

I’m working with letters sent to me a while ago, although I may substitute these for blank paper. We also are working on movements and taking fragments of text from lyrics, books, poems and the internet.

I have to write an essay with a complicated title about the task. It’s due in the same week as the performance which makes the devising process hard as it has to be speedy to make time for writing about it in a formal way. I hope to start ‘formalising’ the process this weekend (if I’m not too busy writing my essay plan about restoration stage rape that is!)

My ex boyfriend said that devised theatre is self indulgent, but then again surely so is a curtain call or taking a photo of oneself? 


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