If you see Atom/Business Time/Get Frank’s first gig

…I sent an email to Adam of Atom and His Package and got a response!

Apparently my email asking the retired musician to come play in England so I could sing on track ‘Head (she’s a)’ made his day, but unfortunately he has no plans to make a trip any time soon (or ever it seems!)

In other news I’m still searching for judges Burnfm‘s BOTB and getting messages from interested acts. Burn is sounding pretty er… ‘hot’ right now and I’m rather chuffed with everyone involved and their hard work.

I’ve got lots of work atm but I can’t help myself from watching Flight of the Conchords constantly! The new series is on Youtube…and I’m a tad obsessed. I even played ‘Business Time’ on my radio show on friday. 


I’m playing my first gig as Get Frank on thursday at the Victoria on John Bright Street (behind the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham.) It’s a Bohemian Jukebox in the City event organised by musician Ben Calvert. I’ve recruited friend/ Burnfm Head of Specialist Nick Mannix to play guitar for me so I don’t completely crack! I may play something aside from singing but haven’t decided yet. I really need to find someone to do precussion and someone to play glock and keyboard but haven’t got any takers as of yet. I should probably advertise but haven’t got a clue where to start…..

Get Frank poster


PLEASE COME! Any Q’s just email me or comment…

Frank x


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