Let Battle Commence…

Tonight is the night!

Its the very first Burnfm.com Battle of the Bands at the University of Birmingham Guild of Students. Personally I’ve put LOADS of work into this, as have the societies who have been helping us, Vale Festival, Band Soc, Rock Soc and Metal Soc.

We’ve got 360 headlining which I’m very excited about…however I know I’ve blogged about this before so all I really need to say again is…

7.30pm, guild of students underground, tickets £5. Student bar prices!!!

On tuesday it was the guild of students Guild Awards. Burn didn’t win anything. Burn did not even have a photo in the slideshow of the years events.

We have had a number of issues recently and therefore I have decided to publish an email I sent to the sabbatical officer for Student Activities and Development…

I understand that the Guild want to support us however I really feel that currently we are not appreciated as a fully functioning society. At the Guild Awards we felt that we were unfairly left out of the proceedings, with any possibility of mentioning Burnfm completely overlooked. For example in the photo montage (and I sent in plenty of photos with nominations and after nominations had closed as I was aware that there would probably be a slideshow,) we were completely left out and the only look in burn had was a short, silent clip in a film made by GTV. Of course it is up to the discretion of the panel who chooses the shortlist for award winners and I totally respect those who won and was happy for them, but I think we deserved at least a shortlist position for Most Improved. We have worked so hard this year to get Burn back up and running. We visibly support the guild (including a ‘Guild news’ section of our hourly news bulletin,) advertise its events, give societies a spotlight in specially allocated radio slots and also allow the guild and societies to use our recording equipment, making time to show them how to use it, and often operating it for them. For example I have recorded podcasts with yourself in the past and today I helped Watch This! record voice overs for a production they are putting together.

Personally I feel my job has become a thankless one, it is not my agenda to recieve personal praise for what I do but to get the radio station noticed and appreciated. I’m sure you understand that. This is one of the reasons I do things like strictly brum, to try and get our society’s name recognised. I always do as the Guild asks me, including missing classes that my tuition fees have paid for but feel that the Guild do not always do what I ask of them. I am very grateful for the BOTB spot on the TVs in Joes bar however no A0 posters have gone up and there are still Got Involved posters up in the Guild that could be replaced. In the STA travel corridor there are at least two empty poster frames where the posters could have gone, without disrupting advertising for Fab and Friday or Stock Exchange.

Tonight I am writing this email after spending a great deal of time on the phone to Burn members who have not been able to do their last ever shows on Burnfm because Luke Mayer (?) of the sports night is refusing them entry on account that we have not given the guild a list of the DJs broadcasting after 8pm. This has never been requested of me or Burn, otherwise you can be assured that I would have done it. For the past two semesters we have been broadcasting until 11pm on a wednesday night. We have been broadcasting until 8pm on tuesdays, despite VIT’s cancellation (the Guild did not inform us of this, therefore wasting oversubscribed specialist hours) and this friday, despite not being informed, we have chosen to cease broadcasting at 8pm due to Fab and Friday. To make us cease broadcasting early on another day is ridiculous. It is another example of Burn being treated as though we do not matter. Mr Mayer refused to speak to me on the phone, but due to having spent 7 hours on shift at Burn today, I need to catch up on work and could not spare the hour or so required to travel to the Guild deal with an impossible situation and then travel back.

I would also like to be updated on the motion passed in Guild Council about Burn being played in Joes [bar]. I want to work with the Guild on making sure this motion is stuck to, and making sure that the broadcasts are of high quality. Next term we are going to formally write up how training will work (probably an hour or two talk with the committee, James Piggot of Legal Services and hopefully a radio professional) and then studio sessions with small groups. We will start to look at how we can really push the idea of producers to potential members and how to make sure shows are efficiently structured and broadcast. We also want to focus on our community of DJs next term by having more socials, applying for SRA awards and putting together podcasts with input from everyone and anyone – just giving a voice to whoever wants one (this includes societies, musicians and the Guild in general.)

The reason I am publishing this is because I have not yet recieved a reply from the officer I sent the message to. I feel that Burn is actually supported more by people outside of the Uni currently. I have recently been faced with a situation that required me to miss classes that my tuition fees have paid for. My time might not be worth money to the guild, but it is worth marks to me….

On Friday I participated in Strictly Brum Dancing for the University of Birmingham Ballroom and Latin Society. After speaking to DJ Steve LeMaq on his friday BBC 6 Music show. I didn’t win but apparently, for my quick efforts in learning a chacha and a waltz I have been named a ballroom dance prodigy…hurrah!

Frank x

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