7 Things you need never know about me…

Ooh I feel a bit Miley Cyrus!

So I have been set a challenge by Ms Gigbeth herself, aka the lovely Clare Edwards (who on turn given the task by Jaki Booth.)

1. My first job was before I was one (I think) modelling. I modelled for Cow & Gate and Lloyds TSB shareholders. They dressed me up as a boy for the latter because apparently all babies can look like a boy if you dress them in blue!

2. I wanted to be an opera singer but didn’t pass highly at grade 6 or 7 voice so didn’t audition for conservatoires. Then I got distinction at grade 8. Whoops.

3. I adore listerine, but cannot afford it!

4. I don’t get starstruck much but after I interviewed The Coral at Lounge on the Farm this year I got a bit overwhelmed and had to momentarily hide in a portaloo.

5. I always get people saying to me ‘Ah people who have curly hair always want straight hair.’ But I like my hair, it’s just a tad annoying at times!

6. I got involved in all things creative in Brum after trying to sign Chris Unitt up to Laura Marling’s mailing list in March 2008 (and then bumping into him and Steve Gerrard two days later at an Envy and Other Sins gig.) For some reason I always think this was actually November 2007…I have just proved myself wrong.

7. The blog I visit most religiously is Selina Jervis’s Flying Saucer. Addictive.


So I have to name several bloggers to take up the challenge…however I don’t want to repeat names…agh!


Anthony Herron

Jacob Rickard

Selina Jervis

Steve Gerrard

Andrew Dubber

Andy Ward

Rich Walker

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