Having Waterworks…

The other day I went to Sainsburys in Selly Oak and saw a man (in VERY unflattering leggings) and his son cycling down a path on the other side of the road so I thought, aha! Perhaps a shortcut! So shopping on my arm I followed and discovered that the path actually led to the Birmingham and Fazeley canal

Aha! (I thought again) I bet this takes me close to Raddlebarn road, which is close to the top of Heeley Road where I live. There was an exit where I expected, by the hospital but it was a locked gate and I couldn’t use it, therefore I had to walk a kilometer further to Bournville train station to find an exit from the canal towpath. This wasn’t an unpleasant walk at all, I loved the scenery, it was just the heavy shopping and the rather narrow towpath (with countless cyclists its quite hard to avoid falling into the water!) I’m also a bit nervous when I’m in an area where I can’t see an imminent exit and I’m on my own. I guess its a kind of claustrophobia.

I would love to use the canals more so I can get some exercise and walk more but I would also like to know where exits are. I know there’s one at Brindley Place and at The Vale student halls but apart from that I’m a bit stuck! I’d like to walk to Five Ways Station but I’m not sure where the nearest exit is! I’ve tried looking for pedestrian guides on the internet but all I can find is guides for boating and council re-developments. The Waterscape  site is meant to promote the canal to walkers but from what I can tell, it only promotes Brindley Place and the Mailbox.

If anyone can recommend me a decent resource or has had found the same issues with the canal then please comment!


Frank x

In postscript I didn’t win Birmingham’s Got Talent, although it was a great night. The only problem I have is a problem that happens at lots of events, people talking REALLY loudly when you and/or other people are onstage trying to perform. When you’re on a stage trying to focus on two or three things at a time, (in my case singing, playing guitar, avoiding nerves but trying to acknowledge an audience it becomes very difficult to not stuff up!) There were certain performers yesterday who I feel deserved a bit more from the audience. But it’s in the past now. Big thanks to everyone who voted and helped raise important money for Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice. It will be very well recieved!

One thought on “Having Waterworks…

  1. There’s an entrance to the canal that goes into town by QHC at Five Ways, can’t remember exactly where but it wouldn’t be that difficult to find… Also, noise always seems to be a problem for quiet gigs at the jam house – the people eating upstairs don’t ever seem to shut up!

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