More advice please?


I haven’t updated this for ages because most of the time I’ve been working and also because I’m avoiding blogging about insider stuff at Channel 4 because I don’t want to get into trouble! Instead of blogging work stuff here I’ve been doing some writing for 4Talent’s blog and you can read my thoughts on microblogging (i.e twitter), commissioning and bumping up CVs. There’s also a bunch of contributors regularly blogging for the site on other or similar topics.

And so to the begging you all for advice/few seconds of your time bit!

  • The deposit situation

So I’ve not had a response from my old landlords about my deposit yet so I’m not sure how to take things further. The main thing is that I can’t use the cheque they gave me because it is void but they haven’t even had the grace to contact me about that. I guess I need to write another letter but I’m so busy at the moment its rather difficult. The last one was sent in my first week at C4…. I’m in my sixth week here now so its getting ridiculous. I really need my money back as I have plans for it – plus I earnt that money from acting in the last production at the MAC centre before it shut so its something I worked hard for and therefore makes me far more determined to get as much of it back as possible.

  • The slightly embarassing video situation

I made a brief, silly video for a Big Brother competition to be the voice of Big Brother for the day (I was asked to) and here it is. I basically made it verrrry quickly (hence the lack of instruments in the video and the rubbish paper messages) because I don’t get home from work until late. Anyway please watch it as if I get lots of video views I’ll also get kudos! Whooo intern kudos!

  • The EP situation

So one of the reasons I want to get as much of my deposit back as possible is that I really want to record some of my Get Frank music (as in properly with someone rather than hastily in my bedroom.) The thing is, I’m not sure which songs I should record so I thought that if I asked people via the medium of my blog and they happen to know my music, they could give me a suggestion for tracklisting. I’m probably going to record five but I’m not quite sure yet. There’s more rough ‘sketches’ of songs on my soundcloud which you are welcome to download for free (the myspace stuff should be downloadable too.)

This is a video from one of my gigs at the Hare and Hounds for Bohemian Jukebox with Ben Calvert. Its a song called ‘So Far Away’ and will most likely be one of the songs that I record. I won’t have saxophone on the recording as my sax/electric player is off to Russia and a couple of people have said that in this particular performance, the sax tends to clash with my vocals a bit too much…so perhaps I’ll stick to glock solos. I’m going to put more vids from this gig up soon – when I get them off my boyfriend!

If I have enough money after my work placement finishes (most of it goes on travel and food) I’ll possibly record more songs, it all depends on when the band is ready. Recently I’ve been offered more gigs which is lovely, but it’s also scary because I’m still dependent on my friends turning up – I need me a fanbase! So er… Get Frank street team anyone?

Get Frank songlist (some of it anyway)

  1. Vacant (untitled)
  2. So Far Away
  3. Bedspread
  4. Beat Me Down
  5. Disappointed in Me
  6. When I grow up
  7. You Don’t Like Love
  8. Stupid Beautiful
  9. Whoops
  10. Three Floors High
  11. An Arrangement
  12. By My Side
  13. Individual
  14. In My Mind
  15. Nature Boy
  16. Leaves and Crumbs
  17. Cautionary Tale
  18. Fake Joe Lean
  19. Keep in Touch
  20. It’s Not You
  21. Something More
  22. In Vain
  23. Stupid Beautiful

Thanks everyone

Frank x

(Oooh playing Artsfest on the 13th September at the Tourist info centre, 2.30pm)

One thought on “More advice please?

  1. My choices for the Get Frank EP…

    1. Dissapointed in me
    2. Whoops
    3. Three floors high
    4. Nature Boy
    5. Leaves and crumbs


    I’ll play sax for you if you need, only got my barritone, but it wont clash as much because its low and sexy.

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