back to band

I’ve not played a gig for other a month now… I’m hoping people don’t forget me!

It’s a decision I’ve made partly cos I’m so darn busy, but also because I’ve got a new drummer, Eve and a new glock/keys player, Desi. It’s really exciting because it means I’ll be able to have more fun when I’m performing rather than having to stick by the mic stand. It’s also exciting because Eve is an incredible drummer – not just in the playing sense but in the way that she can listen to something and bring something completely new to it. She likes to look at my lyrics and play something that works with them rather than purely keeping a beat. It makes me think of a time supporting the wonderful Dan Smith when his former manager told me I ‘had it’ and discussed drums (back then it was just me and my friend Nick doing our duo thing.) He was of the opinion that drums are purely to keep time but I’m starting to do a u-turn on this. I think that from our few practices together as a new line up, precussion has become an essential part of what I do. As my own precussive skills are limited, a lot of the stuff I utilise on my poorly recorded myspace demos can sound quite samey.

Hopefully if anyone who reads this and has seen us live before, or will do in future will be pleasantly surprised! I’m hoping that the lovely Mr Hearing Aid will pop along and give his opinion on our progression. Unfortunately we’ve lost our sax, but we’re aiming to sound a lot more together before we hit the ‘scene’ again. I’m also writing new material – aiming to produce more stuff along the lines of ‘Cautionary Tale’ – style rather than content.

(I have never actually watched this video before… I usually record them and shove them on Youtube…. it’s so different to how it is now!)

I’ve never been too keen on ‘Cautionary Tale’ yet a lot of people (well I say a lot… I mean most of the people who’ve heard my stuff) say it’s one of my best songs. It is always fun to play with a band though!

This is the first ever incarnation of ‘Arrangement’. I’d had the uke for a few days and was writing as I learnt new chords…

and this is the second

The new version, as of yesterday is nice and slow… until a few bars in. Then we ska it up. That’s another thing about being a collective – the influences that everyone brings. James, our guitarist is really into ska (and Abba as the chords I found in his guitar case yesterday would have me believe,) and we’re always break into a song by Spunge every now and again (usually that old classic ‘Kicking Pigeons’!)

I’ll hopefully record a practice soon so you can share in the fun!

4 thoughts on “back to band

  1. Hi Frankie,

    I’ll do my best! 29th January at The Yardbird right? Probably best to remind me nearer the time…I have a mind like a goldfish.


    PS: Ska and Abba? Sounds perfect to me.

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