Say f*ck off to 3 mobile…

If someone ever tries to recruit you ‘as a friend’ to 3 mobile then say go away. Or tell them to get real. Say anything that means ‘no’ basically.

I have never recommended or been recommended to 3 mobile (I won’t hyperlink, they don’t deserve it) Right now I’m typing this with a phone painfully sat under my neck, my precious minutes being spent on a 3 customer services helpline (it’s been 4o minutes now….) All I want to do is cancel my mobile broadband. I stupidly went for an online offer (half price with 3 phone contract) 18 months ago. I was told 6 months ago that I couldn’t pay a penalty charge to scrap the contract so I’d have to wait. And wait I have.

The reason I ceased using the 3 mobile broadband service was quite simply because it wouldn’t work. And when I could get a connection it was so slow it actually ran me up  £50 bill (from £7.50.) Looking back I should have contested this, but was woefully naive. So I uninstalled the modem and put the dongle aside to wait out the contract (when I did try to reinstall it wouldn’t work.)

I’ve been on the phone for 45 minutes now trying to get rid of this sodding contract. I couldn’t directly dial the broadband helpline because it asked for the associated broadband number which isn’t printed on the broadband sim card or dongle itself. As it is connected to my original mobile account I rang the mobile helpline. After a lengthy wait followed by a lengthy explanation they put me through to someone who would ‘cancel it for me’ who then told me that I had to give a 30 day notice period (which I certainly wasn’t told about 6 months ago else I would have cancelled in December.) This person put me through to another person, who told me not to cry and then put me back to the person before, who seemed surprised and said he would take it up with this department. He then said he would put me back through to the person who had sent me to him. That was at least ten minutes ago (the call has now been 50 minutes long.)

A scottish voice just answered the phone. Apparently the system is down and no one will be able to sort me out. So I have spent 52 thankless minutes waiting for something that will not happen. Firstly I cannot get that time back, secondly apparently I will not be able to reclaim the minutes either. I am extremely upset, agitated and distressed. This is not a way to spend an evening. I shall be writing to 3 customer services immediately. If you’ve had a similar issue you should too:

3 Customer Services

Hutchinson 3G

PO Box 333


G2 9AG

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