The Price of Milk vol 1.

I revealed my new obsession in this previous post about the (usually) handwritten signs I’ve been noticing in convenience shop windows.

Some may call it irony, that an obsession with the price of milk has brought a new personal obsession; following people’s obsession with the price of milk!

I gather that displaying the price of milk in a window sends out the message ‘we’re good value here!’ and also depicts that the shop deals in the traditional essentials of milk, bread and (most likely) tomato ketchup.

So the prices? Well make that price; 79 pence. All but one of the signs I’ve seen so far have been displaying that 2 pints will leave you with 21 pennies if you pay with a pound.

Here’s ‘volume one’ of my milk related gallery!

In Birmingham, it was always alcohol in the shop window! Kent tended to be about local produce – what’s in the windows near you?

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