Check off my Christmas list?

I haven’t thought too much about Christmas too much, although there are a few ‘dream’ items I’m er… day dreaming about.

My birthday is December 27th so I often get ‘joint presents’ – or simply none at all. I mean, it’s not all about the gifts of course, but this is a ‘lifestyle’ blog type thing so I gathered I might as well pop some pics online!

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa booties

Now, these boots may seem excessive at £80 – £90 a pop but they’re exactly what I need to get me through the next four months up in the snowy, snowy North East! I’ve been walking in the snow for the past few days and it seems that my flowery George @ Asda wellies just aren’t going to cut it anymore. I hate having to carry spare shoes around with me too – but with rubber booties this glam and special I simply wouldn’t need to!

Anglomania and Melissa Cream Bow Bootie
Aglomania & Melissa Button Detail Glitter Ankle Boots

I’m not sure which design I prefer most! I originally wanted the gold version but having just found the cream booties I’m beginning to sway in my preferences!

River Island hooded fur coat

I found this ‘fantasy fur’ coat in River Island on an emergency winter coat shopping trip the other day, but alas! They did not have my size – in the picture below I’m wearing a coat three sizes up!


River Island hooded fur coat

I love this coat because of how amazing and large the hood is. The coat is gorgeous and amazing to touch. I’ve not seen too many fake fur coats that I’ve felt I could wear because of the sheer bulk of them, but this version is sleek, smooth and lovely. I’m a tad depressed that I can’t find it online either – as usual, I’ve hyperlinked all photos to the ‘home’ of the products but I had to link this picture to a cream version.

Hohner soprano melodica (in C)

I sing, play glockenspiel and melodica for The Union Choir

Hohner soprano melodica

This melodica has ‘button keys’ which keep the melodica nicely neat and compact in size. I could easily keep it in my handbag for gigs too! (Plus loads of my favourite bands, such as Tuung, use this particular model for gigs and recordings.)

So yes, these are my top three!

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