Allow me to explain…

I was in conversation with a colleague the other day when the subject of this blog came up.

“It can sometimes make you look a bit arrogant.” They said, not meaning to offend me.

I didn’t take this personally, but went on to explain that I’ll often use the blog to try and promote local music by putting together outfits and ‘style’ ideas for specific events (such as linking to gigs and writing about the performing acts.)

“Why not just write about the music then?” They then asked, raising a fair point – It’s something that I’d like to try and address on a more public scale.

I am not a stylist, a respected ‘fashionista’ or particularly known for my style knowledge. If anything, I am far removed from this world. But it’s a world I’m increasingly growing to love.

With my lack of expertise I am hesitant to describe this site as a fashion only blog. I have written about music for many sites, and also as part of my job at Amazing Radio. I do love to write about new bands but again, It’s my job! This blog, however, is not. It’s a space I can choose to do what I want with. I can post what I want, admittedly leaving myself vulnerable to criticisms, speculation and appraisals.

When I took my first ‘style’ photos for this blog I didn’t have a camera or tripod. I literally had to balance my macbook on top of my wardrobe, angle the screen and use Photo Booth to take the outfit shots. Cue me lying on a beanbag trying to squeeze my boots and miniskirt into the same snaps! Eventually I got a camera and tripod, but there’s still not enough room in my bedroom to have a photo with an entirely white background so I have to set my camera onto a timer and run into the corner of my room! It’s such a ridiculous way of doing things that it makes me giggle.

Unfortunately I haven’t worked out a suitable ‘camera face’ yet! This in particular leaves me open to ridicule. I’m called a ‘pouter’ at work although it’s honestly not a conscious decision on my part! If I keep the photos up I’ll try and smile more.

Some of you may wonder why I should even put myself in the photos anyway – why not use a hanger or lay them on the floor for example? Well one of the reasons that I so admire many style blogs out there is because the people who write them tend to be the people in the photos. They are ‘real’ individuals who can honestly talk about their clothes and present us with visual evidence. Editorials in magazines are often out of my reach in terms of budget, occasion and body shape. These ‘normality’ gives me a sense of hope – why shouldn’t I join in?

Dress by Peacocks, shoes by Schuh, headband by Stone Bridge

Writing this blog has also given me the confidence to take ‘braver’ decisions in what I wear. For the photo above (taken by Faye Green as a promo shot for my band Get Frank) I went into ‘hyper girly’ mode with a floral dress, sheer pink polka dot tights, turquoise flower detailed shoes and an elaborate and beautifully handcrafted alice band (sent to me by the lovely people at luxury hair accessories store Stone Bridge who noticed my troublesome tresses and offered me possibly the most comfortable headband ever to rest behind my ears).

In the photo I’m also the proud owner of an imperfect arm! (Bingo wings ahoy!) Would you ever see that in a fashion magazine? I’ve posted this picture not because of my body, but because I love the clothes I’m wearing. Sometimes it’s not about what is flattering, but what makes you happy. And writing this blog makes me happy, no matter what jibes I get at work, or the preconceptions being fabricated behind my (occasionally) fabulously attired back.

I urge you to do what you love. If you still maintain your misgivings about this blog then those are your thoughts and opinions to keep. The fantastic thing about the World Wide Web is that you can always read something else.

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