I Am Home

My favourite EP of last year was, without a doubt, Cut(s) by London trio Ex Libras.

I’ve played this to all and sundry, taken the CD on road trips, linked to it on Spotify and popped it on in my room for guests. The reaction is unanimous: people love them.

Cut(s), a five track EP (six if you include a cello interlude), reworks tracks from Ex Libras’s debut LP, Suite(s).

The album, more guitar heavy and loaded with angst and experimental affectations, has been broken down into menacing loops and ambient riffs for the EP. It’s haunting and beautiful – the vocals soar and the tense-sounding bass wraps you up, while choral vocals and sprinkling of piano seem to follow you around even after you’ve finished listening. It’s an addictive record – so obviously I can’t help returning to it. Live, it’s just as I’d hoped.

The above video is for Teenage Eyes from Cuts(s). I’m rather hoping they’ll be playing this when they return to London’s Cargo on the 15th March. On a past visit they were recorded performing tracks from the original release. Here’s Underachiever, a track that was reworked as renamed as ‘I Am Home’ for the EP.

This video from Cargo looks so flipping’ epic I can’t wait for March now!

I remember once when I worked for Amazing Radio we did a prerecorded interview for Amazing Afternoons and both the presenter and I didn’t hit the record button… whoops. I think it was Amit from the band who we spoke to and he was ever so nice when I called back and asked if we could do it all over again! They’re such nice, thoughtful people! (And clearly very patient). Plus they record in a converted shed. Kudos.

See you on March 15th?

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