A Lot Can Happen in a Year

On April 30th 2011 I left Newcastle and moved back in with my mum in Maidstone for a week.

It had been an intense couple of weeks. Having been placed on the doorstep of Amazing Radio like Fred in the opening credits of the Flintstones, I had been forced to leave everything I’d spent the past nine months establishing. There were certain people, however, who were quite happy to welcome me back to the South.

With their support, and the help from new friends and colleagues, I regained some confidence. I followed a six month stint at Channel 4 with a similar length of time at Sky (gotta love a fixed-term contract!), tried solo podcasting and tried to work out the capital’s music scene – something I can’t honestly say I’m on top of, (mostly due to a laziness since moving to North West London).

In two weeks time I’ll be leaving Sky and heading back into radio again, combining my love for the classic broadcasting medium with my experience in online by becoming BBC Radio’s Interactive Producer for their comedy output. I can’t wait. I’ve loved the online roles I’ve been performing over the last year, but I think this one is going to be the most exciting yet.

Being made redundant is tough. Even if you’re told it’s ‘not your fault’ and you’re given a glowing reference, it’s hard to switch your initial dismay into a positive outlook. There will be times when you’ll look back and wonder if you could have done something differently. It doesn’t matter if you have a new job, home, partner or entirely different life. Something drastic happened and even the greatest of efforts isn’t going to make it all disappear, but like attempting to get over the breakdown relationship, time and proactivity will always help. I’m just lucky that I didn’t just have to rely on time alone; I had previous colleagues who were happy to help me get back on my feet, and friends to get me on the right track. I guess that’s another lesson; never burn a bridge that doesn’t need burning! So thank you ‘Bridges’. Words can’t quite describe how you helped me.

But now there’s a new cause that needs help. In the past week Amazing Radio has lost its DAB licence over a dispute in terms for the Digital 1 licence required to keep its slot on the airwaves. No matter how we parted ways, that station gave a space for me to play the music I love by the bands I adore and discover more besides. I may no longer be associated with it, but I’d hate to deny anyone the same opportunity. Its got some dedicated listeners, and a steadily growing population of new fans who shouldn’t have to bear the disappointment of losing a station that’s yet to reach its full potential. If you feel the same, one of these dedicated listeners has set up a petition. I don’t know how it will impact on Digital 1’s terms (or even what they are) but at least we tried.

Sign the petition here.

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