Fundraiser for Jodi’s Brain

If I lived in Birmingham, on November 14 I’d be down the Hare and Hounds for this.

It’s a fundraiser for the poet Jodi Ann Bickley. I’ve been cheeky and decided to copy and paste from the event to explain what it’s all about…


So! Like, I’m not the sort of person who asks for help. Ever, Like even if I used to have to borrow bus fare it would proper piss me off, saying that I still owe Kim Trusty at least a tenner in bus fare from June/July. Just saying. Anyway. 

This is me asking for help. Basically I don’t have the money to go to a head neuro and although I have the most wicked family – we aren’t rolling in dollar. The blood tests I need to get are extremely difficult to get on the NHS due to technicalitys with the test 

– a negative result can be a positive and therefore whats going on with my brain is pretty hard to diagnose. (P.s I know I’m spelling a lot of stuff wrong, I’m trying to touch type because the computer screen is making me want to be a little sick on my lap). This all started 
with a tic bite back in last September, before then I had two jobs – performed a lot and just y’know did stuff. Because that’s what you can do when you aren’t ill. I can no longer work, otherwise I would man and I really wouldn’t be asking any of you to dive into your pockets but like – I seizure and fit and pass out a shit load these days. I’m getting an EEG and having a scan of my neck, head and spine to see if anything nasty is hiding. Currently I can’t sleep alone, leave the house alone, go down stairs alone – My fits are often
violent which is mad because I’ve never been in a fight but apparently I’m like the hulk when I’m fitting. I dunno, okay. Yada, yada..I’m going on basically. 

On November 14th at The Hare and Hounds. We’re having a fundraiser to try and raise some money to get my brain fixed good and proper. My pals are coming up and performing for nothing and we’re gunna put on a big party and hopefully you will come because, I’m not a horrible girl and bad brains are shit. It’s on a Wednesday too so it’s not like you can even be like – I CAN’T GO I WANNA GO AND HANG OUT WITH BABES IN TOWN. All the babes are my friends and I can assure you many of them will be there. As well as cake.

Polarbear and John Berkavitch are hosting. 

Rachel Rose Reid. – the best storyteller in the world. 
Tom Peel – the best one man band in the world. 
Dub Mafias Eva & Matt w/ Mr Woodnote – between them they have more talents than most people in the whole world.
Bridget Minamore – she is the tiniest most lovely in the world. 
Musa Okwonga – loveliest, most wonderful in the world. 

– I am honestly not sure what else is happening. 

But I’ve got the best selection of 90s R&B in Tyseley.

It would be wicked if you could come man.



Jodi’s poetry is the stuff that can make you double over with laughter or make you need to dab your eyes with a hanky. She was performing and festivals and being featured in magazines before she fell ill. She was cultivating a cultural community in Birmingham for fellow spoken-words enthusiasts and doing a bloody good job of it. When someone says ‘life is unfair’, I usually scoff in their faces and tell them not to make an excuse – if you have that tolerant attitude, nothing will change for the better. However, in Jodi’s case (and this goes for anyone suffering from poor health), it’s true; life has been ridiculously unfair. Typically, Jodi’s going to fight for change and you can help her, by popping along to the Hare and Hounds on Wednesday 14 November to show support and be entertained all at the same time.

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