Harkive 2013

On 9th July 2013, Harkive will be welcoming music fans from across the globe to share their listening habits. A ‘Life in the Day (of my iPod)’ if you like…

I only just found out about it through founder Craig Hamilton, but I’m really excited that he dropped me a line about it. (You can follow the project on Twitter here.)

The idea is to keep a record of everything you listen to on the 9th July 2013. You can do this in spoken word via Audioboo, Soundcloud or Youtube, or write it all down via Twitter, your own blog, in an email or by using a contact form on the Harkive website – details are all here. Stories can be submitted up until the deadline on the 16th July, before the stories and information is gathered and sifted through to create a complex view of how we consume music today.

Harkive logoIf the project proves a success, Craig hopes for it to become an annual worldwide event, in the vein of the hugely popular Record Store Day. He’s already had coverage in one of my favourite music blogs, Popjustice, and there’s also support from Wichita Recordings and the Glee Club, who are providing prizes for some of the best stories from the day. In time, the yearly submissions will show how the way we discover and listen to music is changing – it might even be a way for us to share how we’re listening and get ideas on how to find our new favourite bands.

So, if you see me tweeting my listening habits with the hashtag #Harkive, you’ll understand why!

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