Who are The Wanted?

If I ever have a daughter I would probably have ‘The Talk’ with her. It wouldn’t be the typical ‘Talk’ of sexual education, or of boys in her peer group. It would be about crap boybands such as The Wanted, something along the lines of; “you are not following them! Here, have this Radiohead album instead. That Jonny Greenwood was a right looker in the nineties. I’ll buy you a poster if you like?”

And here’s why:

  • The Wanted pick fights with One Direction. I’m not a ‘Directioner’ (I’m 24), but I’ve seen the Tweets directed at 1D (who are an acceptable boyband, even though they cannot dance). They’re the tweets of a band needing to create headlines by forging rivalries.
  • Lack of decent tunes. I don’t like their singles, so imagine what an album filler track would sound like…
  • They released this music video:

Why is there a random shot of a girl in her underwear with her friend? The camera barely sees her face (in a shot later in the film it gazes tantalizingly instead on her midriff). Despite the ‘LADS! LADS! LADS!’ image the guys are trying oh-so-hard to portray, they are still a boyband and boybands are marketed at young girls. So why objectify one? WHO IS THIS FOR?

Oh, and finally.

  • My daughter would have better taste.

I may have briefly mentioned that 1D cannot dance, but hey, they have a sense of humour.

So yes, future takers of One Direction’s (or the future equivalent’s) crown, this is the blueprint for sucess. Humour, squeaky clean faces and a good songwriting team – step away from the pint glass (or ‘Jar’ one of The Wanted call it in the ‘We Own the Night’ horror posted earlier).

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