Frankie’s Stage Invasion

Anyone who reads this blog regularly or follows me on Twitter will be aware that I’ve been making an interactive video series called Frankie’s Fringe Focus.

But now I want to go one step further and swap the safety of my seat for the stage. Partly because I want to see what it’s like to be ‘the one from the audience that gets picked on’ (what can I say – I’m a glutton for punishment), but mostly because it’s a cheaper – and safer – source of adrenaline than bungee jumping!


And so my quest is simple; I want comics to choose me as their ‘featured audience member’ if their show requires one, before doing a cheeky little post-show interview for a little video I’m making about the challenge.

I’ll be in Edinburgh from the 13 – 19th August. To ask me about the challenge, or to invite me to a show, email or tweet me @getfrank.

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