Created in Birmingham


The lovely, efficient Chris Unitt has put up a rather unglamorous video on Created in Birmingham I made basically making my excuses for not being able to do many interviews.
However…this will soon change.
An interview with Lee from Ditto music should be up soon followed by an interview with Jenny and Lisa, the rather amazing Capsule team who are two of the most dedicated people I’ve ever met in Birmingham.
Going on TV wasn’t too far off what I expected. The studio was small and hot but the team were busy and friendly. None of them get paid for what they do and as it was only the 6th show they really seem to be managing it well, I’m sure it will get less chaotic as it goes. You can read my ‘TV Diary” here.
Tonight i’m off to the Rainbow in Digbeth to see Tom Peel, Finding Calcutta, Anyone for Shark?, the brilliant Kate Goes and The Retro Spankees. Its from 8 til late and a bargain at £4 so if you can get there you’ve got no excuse to not go! Its being hosted by the 444Club who host a gig night there every friday night.
I’ll also be interviewing Anyone for Shark? and The Retro Spankees. You can read my interview with Kate from Kate Goes here.
I’ll report for duty shortly
and also thankyou to everyone who has sent me lovely messages after the CIB video, they were much much appreciated!
Frank. x

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