444Club…Club Paradise more like!

Its the rather wee hours of the morning and I’ve just time for a quick blog before bed!

I’ll do a proper one for Gigbeth tomorrow.
First a rave about Carlo of 444Club…genius! The two lady DJ’s played fabulous retro music between the acts and got everyone in a mood for a good time. Tom Peel played an acoustic set that got more and more energetic as it developed, Finding Calcutta provided a little maturity and then Anyone for Shark? smashed it with a funk tinged hammer! Kate Goes and the Retro Spankees (For links for the bands see previous post) provided energetic, crazy, original music that made me want to dance like Phoebe from friends runs….except on the spot!
Great people great times….and an odd occurance where Pete Ashton turned up…it wasn’t odd that he was there but that he had a crazy drunken lookalike!
I know where I’ll be on Friday nights from now on!
Frank. x

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