Busy saturday

Ah… so my saturdays are now spent working! Darn, I knew qutting Sports World was a mistake!

just kidding…I’ve done a spot of writing this morning and today I’m off to interview Polar Bear at the MC’s For Life at the Custard Factory. He’s an amazing poet/MC who is about to go to London with new one man show “If I cover my nose you can’t see me.” Colin Murray even played his poem ‘Jessica’ the other night which you can find if you click the link above. I’m a bit nervous…it’s harder than with some bands because I haven’t got a ticket so I’ve been repeatedly listening to his stuff on myspace and it’s really good. Quick witted and funny.
Tonight I’m off to see Birmingham band I Will Attack… (who I can’t find a link for) 
one of the members sold me my MacBook so I said I’d pop along and have a watch. I might not stay for the other act because I’m absolutely exhausted…we’ll see!

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