Lazy Sunday

I’m not afraid to admit that I had a little cry today…

Max died on Hollyoaks! I knew it was coming but it was so brutal…
Anyway I realised that I should make a list of all the things I need to do and publishing it will make sure I do it!!! I’ve literally been lain out on three squashed together staff room type ‘studenty’ chairs in front of T4 from 11-4 and Its counter-productive. I know I’m meant to be giving myself a ‘day off’ but suddenly that seems like a bad idea. I was always the kid that got the course work done on the day it was given out…get it out the way, be prepared etc…
SO to the list
1.transcribe I Will Attack interview
2. transcribe Tom Peel interview
3. Transcribe Anyone for shark? Interview
4.T-S One Night Only
5. T.S any other interviews I’ve got left…ooh Jimm Zombie!
6. Write to Lee of Ditto Music,
7. Begin e-interview with Polar Bear (Didn’t manage to get interview yesterday, hes a busy bear!)
8. Begin e-interview with the Retro Spankees
9. Ask Poppy and the Jezebels for e-interview!
10. Being 444 club e-interview
(I love E-interviews…at least I think I will, I’ve not actually done it before but it’s less typing and easier to edit, I suppose it will lack the spontaneity of dictaphone/msn but it gives bands to double check what they want to say about themselves- which is good for them!)
11. Clean room
12. Get big boxes (from Maccy D’s across the road???)
13. Buy milk.
14. Go gym
15. Pack for moving
16. Research 7inch cinema before interview.
17. play some guitar and I haven’t for far too long. (whoops)
…….not going to be such a lazy one after all!Only problem is I’ve left it too late to get started!

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