I got a golden ticket….


So excited!
I won the Oxfam 4Talent glaso comp where you had to send a reply to Oxfam 4Talent’s twitter ‘What gets your knickers in a twist’…
I said ‘Interviewers asking artists who they’re doing, not what they’re doing.’
And it worked!!! I officially love twitter now! (mine is http://www.twitter.com/frankieloves)
So my prize is to head of to Bestival in September and do an interview for a podcast which I’m really excited about, I just hope I can make a lasting impression!
Next week I’m off to Lounge on the Farm to do some interviews with more bands, I’m really really hoping to get Art Brut, I met them before and they were absolutely lovely. I also know that my friend Ben is playing in a band called Wheeler Street so it will be great to check them out and get them to give us a few words for the BBC.
At the moment i’m looking round the bombshell that is my new room and wondering what the best way to sort it would be. I still have a few things to move from my flat and interviews a plenty to transcribe, however tonight I’m not going out and it feels odd. Someone help me out please?!

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