Punch Me

…no not literally!

Tomorrow (at 9am no less) I’m interviewing Ammo of Punch records so I’m currently doing research…or at least I will once I’ve finished fiddling with clothes/my room/music.
I’m meant to be going out tonight but that means I need to pack for Kent (Lounge on the farm festival this weekend for BBC Kent) asap so I can just get up in the morn and get to Gibb street with all my stuff so I can get the train from New street to Maidstone straight after…its hectic being me you know…just as its probably hectic being you (whoever you may be.)
Yesterday I continued my run of 444Club gigs at The Rainbow when I met up with Simon Harris to ‘sort his life out.’ He basically has a solo project, a gypsy/folk band called ‘the brightsize gypsies’ and a band that plays events like weddings. The problem is he’s not sure how to get things off the ground so I’m going to help him with things such as mailing lists etc…He does lots of stuff in Brum but some of it is quite removed from the rest and he’s finding it difficult to keep up with it all I think. I just hope I can help!

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