Sneaking in…for being overage!

I got a really cool email when I was working at the radio on friday morning…

I’ve been invited by Time Out mag to the press tent at Underage festival (14-18 years)
I’m 19…actually too old! Yet I guess I’ll be one of the younger journalists there. Funnily enough certain bands are going to think I am stalking them as multiple acts I’ve see/met/interviewed before. Infact Chatham band Underground Heroes have been at the last two festivals I have covered, and yes, they will be there on Friday!
It might seem a bit boring, but I’m actually grateful that the festival is a one dayer, 11am-8pm which sounds pretty heavenly to me right now! I’m even planned my outfit! (Hence the picture on the left!)
Kids nowadays are so effortlessly cool that I have to fit in!!!
Currently I’m researching a piece on You-tuber Ben Loka as he lives in the same town as me andI’m waiting to hear back from a seventeen year old photographer who has had a photo gallery posted on the BBC website.
fingers crossed

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