De Niro or Al Pacino?

Today was my first day on the phones on the Dom King show.

I had a caller telling me that the streetlamps in his road had been left on for three months, a man who wanted to know the Cray Wanderers result and a lovely seventy year old lady called Betty who thought Al Pacino was a very sexy man!
Oh yes! An eventful day…
Basically there was a debate on the show about who you’d save out of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. Hence Betty’s call. I also got to speak to lots more, including a gent from Biggin Hill who didn’t recognise my voice and was kind enough to wish me luck!
I also interviewed the BBC Kent Introducing team and sat in on a meeting. Jacob, their 17 year old producer is a really dedicated, talented guy. He puts together packages and scripts and helps with the playlists for the show. I wish I could have been involved when I was his age. He’ll go far for sure. In fact I think he has even set up a blog…
Let me look….
Ah…to rest

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