Last day on the Dominic King show

I’ve got 2 weeks left as Blast reporter however today was my last day working on Dom’s BBC Kent show.

Today we had a body painter whose blog is, I think she’s austrian I’m not sure, but she did some fun painting on Dom’s arm and was lovely too (she even bought her mother along who looked so young Dom mistook her for Claudia, the artist’s sister!)
I’ve had such fun working on the radio. I love the callers we get. Some, in the affectionate sense, are completely barmy! I’ve got to know some of our regular contributors too.
One of my achievements I think is being accepted generally. When I first started on the phones people didn’t know who I was and wanted to speak only to Steve, the producer. It’s taken a few weeks but now callers know my name which is nice. I’ve also got to go into the studio and converse with Dom a bit more these past few days.
I’ll still be heard on the radio for the next couple of weeks as I’m currently used by promotions producer/presenter Phil Harrison who likes to use me to record webtrails. I also recorded a special Olympics competiton trail (our only competition in 8 months.) Hopefully they’ll use me in future!
At the moment I’m trying to get hold of PR companies for Bestival. We want to interview Alexa Chung because she is going to be DJ-ing at the event and of course Laura Marling (my ‘target’ so to speak, in a non sinister way! I just think shes awesome.)
Right I’m on a train so I’d better post before I lose signal!

One thought on “Last day on the Dominic King show

  1. Frankie, it was very nice to have met you! I loved being in the studio! Hope to see you again soon!

    ps. I’m German 😉

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