Off to Bestival

I’ve been having a bit of a ‘mare trying to sort out interviews for Bestival. Laura Marling’s PR, who was very nice, called me today to say that shes flying in to play and then flying out again quickly so won’t have any time, darn.

I’ve got an interview with Kent dreamy pop band It Hugs Back for BBC Kent which should be cool as I’ve been trying to pin them down for 2 years…

Really excited as I emailed Castle Donnington’s Late of the Pier about an interview and they actually got back to me saying it would be cool which is great…hopefully it won’t be too hard to pin them down! They’re perfect for the 4Talent podcast, up and coming, talented and young, plus midlandesque. (Well, from the Midlands anyway.)

I think the biggest issue is that I’ve had to use my gmail instead of my bbc email and it just doesn’t look official enough. People have probably ignored my requests…

However, as long as I get to meet Kitty Daisy and Lewis I’ll be happy!


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